Retail Barcode Images

If you require retail barcode images, you can purchase this here. We routinely supply the following formats of barcodes: EAN-13, UPC-A & EAN-8. Please enter the quantity of different barcode image sets you require, and also enter yourretail  barcode numbers – note these numbers need to be owned by you (you can’t just make up numbers).
We will email you your barcode images as attached files in 4 different formats (jpeg, png, svg, & pdf). These images are sent in a standard size by default – If you require a different size, please specify this in the ‘additional information’ section.

Quantity    Price per image
1  $178
2  $148 each
3  $118 each
4 +  $95 each
10 +  $71 each
20 +  $47 each
50 +  $23 each


Note – All prices are in Namibian Dollars

Retail Barcodes Images


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